A simple list for brand consistency

A simple way to ensure consistency in your organization’s brand is to create a list of adjectives to use as a guide to create new products, programs or communications. These words represent how you wish to be perceived by your customers, or really, your entire constituent base. I’ll go into identifying your all your audience groups in a later post.

I began creating these lists in the late 80s while attempting to oversee several corporate image projects at a time. They helped me to quickly remember the organization’s personality and to ensure that I was steering all of my projects down the right path. As I began doing more corporate branding in the early 90’s, I found these lists were invaluable for my clients as well, who were thrilled to have a tool they could use to quickly ensure consistent decision making.

Below is an example of a brand I developed over a decade ago. The owner came to me with a wonderful vision for an IT startup. We created the following Brand List to capture the personality she wanted conveyed. They’ve now used the same list for over 10 years with tremendous success and are well on their way to Brand Superhero. Also attached is a look created for one of the product lines to demonstrate how the look and feel can be made consistent with the word list.


You’ll notice the owner not only added words that created a strong sales platform, she also had the foresight to be creative with the organization’s brand in order to differentiate it from the thousands of technical and stuffy IT companies out there. She added words like “easy” and “whimsy.” So, being different and having fun is a good thing and can help to create a strong brand platform that stands out.

Finally, you can learn from other organizations who are doing a very good job of conveying their brand list. Try this: go into an Apple Store, a Target store or any large brand name store, look around and experience their brand atmosphere, read some of their material and then try to think of what words their brand list would contain. Chances are you’ll be really close.

This should give you a good idea of how to create a brand list. It’s really nothing fancy, but it’s a powerful tool that can ensure your business creates and communicates consistently.

Please let me know if you have any question/comments.



~ by Rich on December 28, 2008.

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